Cap ShieldSo… we haven’t had anyone calling about Captain America #25. No passionate phone calls imploring us to hold them a copy. No “Is it True!?”. I’m almost disappointed, actually, because apparently that’s been happening a lot today everywhere else. What with the news and all. The thing is, we actually have plenty of copies of Captain America #25, and are in no danger whatsoever of selling out. Maybe that’s why we’re not getting those anxious phone calls? We’re not the store that sells out of event books on the first day? We ordered correctly the first time around? I dunno. Sometimes I miss the excitement of that sort of thing, but I guess I just like having the books in stock too.

- Christopher.

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  1. Mike says:

    Yah, but this is Marvel… Won’t he just come back to life just in-time to save the world/universe from the soon to be discovered chaotic event/bad guy???

  2. Ed Mathews says:

    That’s because Captain Canada is probably doing ok. I mean, this is really a formality, isn’t it? Mark Millar has been killing Captain America off one line of script at a time for a while now…

  3. Hugh says:

    Please, it’s Captain Canuck.

  4. Hugh says:

    Further research shows that there was indeed a Captain Canada, and I guess he appeared mostly on Yes Album Covers?

  5. Ed Mathews says:

    Now I must hunt down those issues and remix them with Mark Millar scripts…

  6. Blog@Newsarama » Those who forget history … something, something says:

    [...] While some retailers, like Chris Butcher of Toronto’s The Beguiling, say they have plenty of copies of Captain America #25, customers elsewhere may find their comic shops coming up short. Captain America #25 variant(Blanket warning: For those wishing to avoid spoilers, follow any of these links at your own peril.) [...]

  7. Captain N says:

    “…the comic book world – still reeling from Superman’s death…”

    That made me ell oh ell.

  8. Blog@Newsarama » Anyone have an extra copy of Captain America #25? says:

    [...] Many retailers limited purchases of the issue to one per customer, while others instituted sign-up lists. Even Toronto’s The Beguiling, which had “plenty of copies” on Wednesday, ended up restricting purchases on Thursday and then selling out before closing. [...]

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