…so I’m a day late and a dollar short on writing a nice little appreciation of Adi Tantimedh & Hugo Petrus’s superhero story, LA MUSE, currently running online at http://www.bigheadpress.com/lamuse/. I probably put it out there that I’m not that big of a superhero fan, but that’s not entirely true. I’m not a ‘fan’ of any particular genre, I’d say, but I like good books more-or-less regardless of their genre (or lack thereof). So when I cane across my friend Adi’s new story, about a superhero that’s going to follow through on the promise of really changing the world, I made sure to open up to it and remind myself that I really enjoyed Adi’s last superhero outting: JLA: AGE OF WONDER, a sadly uncollected Elseworlds from a few years back.

LA MUSE is great! The thing that I really like is that it takes the promise of something like THE ULTIMATES and follows it through to its natural conclusion, unconcerned about ‘continuity’ or ‘trademarks’ or… whatever. You never know what’s going to happen from week to week, how the myriad of plot points will be resolved… or when… It’s really just a hell of a fun read, and (particularly thanks to the weekly reminder e-mail I get…) I’ve been checking it out every Monday morning for months now, which is more regular than most of the rest of my life.

Anyway, the series has gone on hiatus for the next month, and is instead starting over from the beginning, releasing 10-15 pages a week for your reading pleasure. The first installment of the “Summer Re-Runs” are up now, at http://www.bigheadpress.com/lamuse?page=69. If you want something good…and free… to read, you could do a hell of a lot worse. Go check it out!

- Christopher

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  1. Joe says:

    Seconded there, mate, really been enjoying Adi and Hugo’s La Muse – as well as being a very good story it also has a nice line in humour, taking the mickey out of celeb culture and Adi’s had several lines in there which have to qualify for some of my stand-out quote of the year (“she raped a bunch of neo-nazi skinheads?!?!?” Man, we just don’t see Supergirl using that method to solve a problem) and while everyone has been going on about sexual representation in statues and female superhero comics no-one has batted an eyelid at La Muse’s shagging ethics (and the fact she enjoys it). Great stuff and I hope the print version works out.

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