TCAF Webcomics Room Photo by Rosena FungHi there. Everyone who’s tuning in to see how the show went I’ll tell ya flat out: it looks like it went really well. Probably the best yet. Thanks to everyone who came out, or who sent people our way, it made for a great time.

I’ve got another day or two of work to put in wrapping things up, and etc., so posting probably will have a decidedly light, TCAFish bent until about Wednesday. But there’s lots of cool art and things to post, so at least it won’t be boring. :)

Oh, and if you’re writing about the show (for good or for bad) please post in the comments section here, I’d love to read about your impressions of how it all went down.


- Christopher
Photo by Rosena Fung

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  1. Matt D. says:

    Hey! Thanks for a great all round event. This was definitely the best of the bunch and certainly the best location. While it could get crammed at times, having everything under one roof (or out on the lawn in the case of the owl tent) was ideal. Everybody involved deserves a big high five for putting on the best event of its kind in the city.

  2. Hope says:

    You guys did an amazing job! TCAF 2005 was one of the worst cons I’ve been to (partly due to the weather, which obviously wasn’t your fault), but TCAF 2007 is definitely the best. Everyone I talked to loved the venue. Please, please, please hold it there again! :)

  3. laurence says:

    hey chris, the show was awesome. congratulations to everyone who was involved it putting it together, it was a great time.

    i wrote a rambling review of it on my site if you’re interested (alternatively to save you time i basically say how nice everyone was and make myself sound like a total noob, which i was..)

  4. Danny T says:


    Hell of a show! It was really fun and I am all for staging it at the Old Vic Building again! The guests were terrific! Thank you Chris and the rest of The Beguiling crew.

  5. Tara Tallan says:

    Chris, all four of us (including the two kids) had an excellent time. My son is particularly proud of the Brainiac 5 mask he made at the Owl tent. Congrats to all on a job well done, and we’re looking forward to the next one!

  6. Jason Marcy says:

    Amazing show, the best run I’ve ever attended. You guys did an incredible job, and I realized why I love comics again. You can check out my gushing on my LJ, too!
    I wanted to hunt you down and thank you personally for putting on such a fantastic event, but I woulda missed my train, and you were probably very busy making it all look so effortless. Thanks to you, Peter, and everyone else involved for making me and likely everyone else feel a part of something truly spectacular.
    It was an amazing two days. I sure hope I can go to the next one!!!

  7. Karen Whaley says:

    TCAF was absolutely amazing! We have a photo post up now, and further commentary will go up tomorrow morning.


  8. Jim Ottaviani says:

    Congratulations and thank you! TCAF was in a lovelier venue, had more — and more interesting — attendees (both civilians and professionals), and had a better atmosphere than I had hoped for. And I hoped for a lot. Janine Johnston summed the weekend up for both of us by saying that it restored her faith in shows and made her want to make more comics. So again, thank you!

  9. Darwyn Cooke says:


    Absolutely pitch perfect show. What you’ve accompished here is something truly amazing. The most exciting collection of cartoonists and graphic art I’ve ever seen. Absolutely sublime venue and even perfect weather.

    BTW, special thanks from me to Nathalie for keeping me on track all weekend and to Peter for enduring my screeds. After all, Darwyn Cooke is Darwyn Cooke 24 hours a day. BTW, I’m probablky talking out of turn here, but it was quite wonderful to see and hear Peter beaming with pride at what he feels you’ve accomplished. It reminded me of the oldjoke, “there’s nothing a Canadian can do that five Americans couldn’t do better.

    You guys can count on my full support for next show, and anything you need between now and then, just ask.

    All hail the Festival King, Lord Butcher!


  10. Stanley J. says:

    Hey Chris,

    congratulations. Great event. Great location. Great weekend.

    After things have settled down for you, can you give us a sense on whether or not TCAF has grown enough that you and the other organizers feel this show can be an annual event?

    Thanks, Stanley

  11. matt says:

    That was the best comics show I’ve ever attended.

  12. Jason Truong says:

    *Raises Glass*

    To Chris, and the rest of the TCAF crew:

    Spectacular show! Thank you for such an awesome weekend.

    - Jason

  13. Chip Zdarsky says:

    I may be impartial here, but TCAF 2007 was the best show I’ve been to as well. Walking the aisles I was stunned at the high level of quality to the work , not to mention the great, considerate people on both sides of the table.. All the volunteers were amazing and the venue was a vast improvement over 2005. Great job, everyone.

  14. Dave Ferraro says:

    Chris – the show was really fantastic and your city is beautiful!

  15. Chris says:

    Just reminding myself to link to this later:

  16. Matt Wiegle says:

    That was a great show–thank you.

    The new venue was nice, and it was good to have the events in the same place at the exhibitors, although I do miss the area around Honest Ed’s.

    I want to mention, too, that TCAF 2005 is actually the show I’ve have the fondest memories from, despite (or maybe even because of) the tent flood on Sunday.

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