zach-worton-programme.jpg[Edited: Lots Added] Hey there. Thanks to everyone for the kind words in the comments sections and the emails, we’re really happy over here that so many people had a good, profitable time at the fest. We’re working on an official statement and I feel like I probably shouldn’t say too much until we make it… but I did want to specifically thank all of the volunteers (they really, really went above-and-beyond) and the all of the staff who worked really hard to make the event shine. I know I’m kind of ‘on point’ for the praise that the show is getting because I’m really visible, but I’m just a part of the much larger machine that made it work.

Oh! And a special note about the art in this post. It’s the full-colour version of the cover to the 2007 TCAF Program Booklet, by artist Zach Worton. It was officially announced this weekend that Zach’s forthcoming non-fiction graphic novel about the gold rush will be published by Drawn + Quarterly in early 2008. Congrats to Zach, who’s a great artist and a very good friend of mine.

(Zach also did the art for this year’s badges, I’ll probably post them a little later.)

On that note, here’s what people are saying about TCAF right now:

Tom Spurgeon has set up a “collective memory” link-list at:

Robert Fulford in the National Post focussed on the Canadian content in his show wrap-up:

SPACE covered the show pretty extensively, and the first bit of footage has been released to the net here: has a photo gallery up from the show, with a promise of more coverage to come:

BlogTO did some coverage in process of the event, and I hope they come back around for another pass:

There’s a TCAF Photo-pool on FLICKR:

Actually, I’ve come across hundreds of photos on Facebook as well, but they’re mostly hidden from the public I think? Type “TCAF” into the search box at Facebook and some of them should come up…

PW Comics Week gave us a nice plug, via First Second Editor Mark Siegel’s kudos at his blog:

…and speaking of which, Mark’s full commentary is here:

Speaking of creators and editorial types who wrote about the show, there was GALAXION’s Tara Talan:

Jason Marcy wrote up the show three times: 

My friend Jim Zubkavich had a successful show:

Diana Tamblyn was actually first-to-the-punch with her report, but due to the vagaries of tabbed browsing is a little lower on the list. Make sure to go read her report anyway:

Rich Stevens of Diesel Sweeties had a great time:

His studio-mate Jeffrey Rowland is immortalising TCAF in comics at OVERCOMPENSATING, starting with this entry:

(Both of those last two links don’t look too good in IE. FYI)

Blogger Blake Bell was actually on staff this weekend, helping out with Mr. Pope, and he has some great photos:

Dave Merril of “Mister Kitty” was also on staff Friday and Saturday, and we worked him and his adorable little car to the bone. Thanks Dave:

And then people who are just… you know… fans of comic books have been saying so many amazing and nice things that I’m actually blushing, from time to time:

And of course, Jamie Coville took an absolute ton of photos of the whole event. AND he lost his MP3 play on Saturday in the Chapel, AND when he went back to look for it Sunday it was still there. CANADA! WHOO!

Edit: Somehow, I missed a ton of entries. Jeez! Serves me right for not doing a blogsearch.
So that’s it for now, I think. If I missed your round-up, I’m sorry. Please post it in the comments section here and I’ll edit this post. Also, it was STACY K. who made the cookies, and I’m sorry I spelled her name wrong two posts ago.

Thanks for reading,

- Christopher

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  1. dayuse says:

    Ha ha ha! Wow. I appreciate the link, man.
    The event was just so great! I enjoyed it a lot.

  2. I’m a closet fanboy. « quirk of dayuse: irony is bliss says:

    [...] EDIT: Wow.  Apparently the co-founder of TCAF, Christopher Butcher, actually mentioned my blog entry!  Good times, and thanks! [...]

  3. Cross Hatch Dispatch 8/22/2007 « The Daily Cross Hatch says:

    [...] The results are in and a lot of people are saying that Toronto Comic Arts Festival is the best comics convention experience ever. Here’s what Mark Siegel of First Second had to say: “The concentration of genuine talent, quality readers and a setting that promotes all kinds of happy encounters make this a must among comics festivals.” Now that’s settled, here’s a link to everything you need to know about the past weekend. [...]

  4. Myra Phan says:

    Thanks for the link as well ;)

  5. Kevin Boyd says:

    Congratulations to you and the rest of the crew Chris for putting on another top-notch, world-class comics festival. I had a great time there on Saturday. I think the Victoria College location is a keeper.

  6. Rose says:

    I did a small write up on my blog as well

    It was definitely the best comics event I’ve ever been to. I had an awesome time. I’m already looking forward for the next! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

  7. matt says:

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