chris-gelatonoir-300.jpgDid you know there’s a typhoon coming? And that a typhoon is actually a hurricane? And that on our way home from Ikebukuro, the trains were not only late (shocking!) they were stopped altogether? And that none of my friends can remember such a thing happening? I do! I know all of this. Now. Tomorrow’s plans may be off. Luckily, I took 519 photos today, so I’ll have something to post when we can’t leave the house tomorrow morning…

Anyway, I’m exhausted from walking for like 14 hours and then the ordeal of getting home with no train. No big posts right now. When I wake up tomorrow though, I’ll post the first half of the day (at least). Until then, you can wonder what the HELL I am about to eat in this photo.

- Christopher

6 Comments on “Japan 2007: Day 2 (Here I Am, Rock Me Like A Hurricane.)”

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  1. Halliday says:

    I hope thats not feces. Because it looks like a delicious feces-cone… just like Ma used to make.

  2. Ed Mathews says:

    Clearly that is a Kelp Ice Cream Cone with sprinkles.

  3. Shaun says:

    That looks like sesame-flavored ice cream to me.

  4. Dave White says:

    too dark for chocolate… squid ink?

  5. Huff says:

    My guess is some kind of volcanic ash…but shit sound like a good answer too.

  6. Steve MacIsaac says:

    I bet either sesame or red bean….

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