Moneybags.Just as a bit of ancillary info following the post I wrote this weekend about comics journalism, announced today that it has been acquired by, a science and technology reporting company. “Newsarama will serve as Imaginova’s eyes and ears in the world of genre entertainment,” according to the official press release at My favourite part of the PR is where Doran and Brady recount the seven previous different iterations of the website, providing a nice bit of continuity to the announcement.

I don’t really have much else to add other than to observe that it happened. It seems Brady and Doran are quite happy, and so I am happy for them. I’m also kind of tickled that the pre-complaints about a lesser quality of service have started in the comments section related to the Press Release; it’s a very Newsarama-esque response to the news.

- Christopher

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  1. Newsarama Sells Out » Comics Worth Reading says:

    [...] I wonder how long that will last? After all, this means that it’s not their site any more, right? I’m certain that the company wants to keep their expertise, though. Christopher Butcher responds to announcement response. Related Posts: Blogs Joining News Sites § New Female Company Head § Rumor Alert: Borders to Quit Selling Stapled Comics? § Death Note Adaptations on Their Way § What If Wizard Had a Show And Nobody Came? [...]

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