ITEM: Let’s start off our comics linkblogging with a link that is almost not comics at all. Sorry. It’s just that ever since I’ve been playing Super Smash Bros., the Nintendo character fighting game for the N64, Gamecube, and soon-to-be-released-for-the-Wii, everyone’s been saying “Wouldn’t it be great if you could make Mario fight against Sonic The Hedgehog?” Alas, it was never to be with the characters destined to live on different systems and in different worlds. Until today. This is my generation’s “The X-Men meet the Teen Titans”…

Edit: I had to removed the inlay trailer because it looked like Firefox was choking on it. Sorry guys, go click the link though, the video is great.

ITEM: Over at The Forbidden Planet Weblog, it has been announced that the British Edition of Bryan Talbot’s 2007 graphic novel Alice In Sunderland has broken the 10,000 copy mark, a pretty stunning achievement for a $30 hard cover that no one wanted to publish in the first place. Much as FP did, I’m going to attribute this to a lot of hard work on Talbot’s part, as well as the book finding a natural home in its native country, being a (thinly disguised) history of Northern England, of specific interest to many of the denizens of… Northern England. Talbot’s 5 stop U.S. tour, his appearance at San Diego, and a non-stop press push in England are remarkable, and he’s set a very high standard of creator involvement for graphic novel promotion. The book is going into a third printing in the U.K., and is on (I believe) it’s second printing from Dark Horse Comics here in North America.

ITEM: I’ve been going on and on about Taiyo Matsumoto’s Tekkon Kinkreet / Black & White for a little while now, so I’ll take a little break to let Jog do the talking for a little while. Over at The Savage Critics, my favourite comics writer spends a little over 4,200 words talking about Tekkon Kinkreet, both the manga and animated adaptation, in an essay that I quite honestly have not sat down to read just yet. I plan to though, when I’m done this. As a reward to myself. If you’ve got some time to spend, why not check out the review?

ITEM: Today marks three years of The Comics Reporter. Congratulations to my pal Tom Spurgeon and all of the wonderful writers he’s working with.

That’s all for now.

- Christopher

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  1. Ed Mathews says:

    Is it wrong to be thrilled that I pre-ordered that game before knowing this? SUCH a bonus.

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