Well hello, and welcome to my home.

If you’re just joining me here following the Platinum Studios article in The New York Times Magazine, I’m glad you made your way over. Comics212 is a blog dedicated to covering the medium and industry of comics, with a focus on creator rights and ownership and writing to an audience that might not be that familiar with the medium. Sometimes. Sometimes we’re completely impenetrable.

I’ve been “blogging” here Since 2002, and writing columns for the previous iteration of the site (a dot com boom-era portal called 212.net) since 1997. I’ve been working in the industry as a retailer since 1994 at the tender age of 16, and I’m currently the manager of The Beguiling Books & Art in Toronto, which is easily one of the best comic book stores in the world. Along the way I’ve also picked up some creative credits including colouring, lettering, designing comics and even writing one. I’ve also done freelance writing for various and diverse outlets including ICv2.com and Xtra Magazine in Toronto. Oh, and I get invited to conferences to speak about comics too.

So, yeah, that’s pretty much it. Welcome to the site! If you want to start reading somewhere good, I recommend clicking “Japan” in the right navigation bar there. I just got back from a trip there and took about 3000 photos and I spend a lot of time discussing the culture of comics there, versus in North America, and even if that’s not your thing the pictures are great.

- Christopher

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