butternut-slice.jpgThis link came in just a little too late to make the last post, but I didn’t want it to go… unobserved. Toronto’s Ramon Perez and Rob Coughler have taken a little hiatus from their popular webcomic, ButternutSquash (http://butternutsquash.net/) and asked their friends and associates to help them out by submitting fill-in strips while they’re away. So far we’ve seen lovely guest strips from fellow webcomickers and studio-mates, and there’s even been a little bit of ‘gentle ribbing’ from the friends of the dynamic cartooning duo.

Enter: Chip Zdarsky. If there’s one thing that Internet Provocateur Chip Zdarsky loves, it’s an opening. A moist, warm opening. He got his opening today, in a ‘guest strip’. If you’ve read Chipper’s stuff before you might have the barest inkling of what you’re in for, but even still, prepare to be… amazed!

- Christopher

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  1. Halliday says:

    WOW. O_O

  2. Manale says:


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