thereforerepent-web1.jpgI’ve linked to my friend Jim Munroe’s blog before, he has a wealth of information up there about self-publishing and self-distributing in the greater publishing world, with specific regards to his four novels. But Jim just recently wrote and co-published his first graphic novel, Therefore, Repent, (with art by Salgood Sam) and with the U.S. edition out from IDW just this past week, he thought he might write up a little something about getting published and then working with publishers. It’s an essay called How To Get A Book Deal Without An Agent, and it’s very good reading for both those who are looking to ‘break in’ to comics, and those who’ve already signed the contracts.

The landscape of comics publishing is changing, and as a creative person you’ve got options, and you’ve got the right to exercise them! Good luck.

- Christopher

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    [...] [Analysis] Jim Munroe explains how to get a book deal without an agent — and why you might want to do so. (Link via Christopher Butcher.) [...]

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