Trevor Brown is an artist that is quite well-known in comics and illustration circles. A favourite of the Juxtapoz Magazine crowd. One of his paintings has been completely ripped off by a band called Crystal Castles, and they’re printing it on their T-Shirts (and quite possibly an album cover) and making a profit off of it. THey’ve not ceased to do so even after being asked by Trevor Brown. Conversations with their management are surreal. They tried to get Brown to sign a truly odious and unfair contract in return for payment… that never materialized. Their behaviour is frankly pretty unbelievable. Here’s hoping that the internet can step in and secure some justice for this artist where decency and doing-the-right-thing have failed.

Check it out on Trevor Brown’s blog:

Their new CD just got released. I bet this would be a pretty interesting angle for a story, should someone be writing about that CD.

- Chris

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  1. Kevin Church says:

    Well, that’s depressing, as I’ve just gotten their album and really enjoyed it.

  2. Crystal Castles versus Trevor Brown - says:

    [...] Crystal Castles versus Trevor Brown I’ve heard a lot of love for this band from friends, but the way they’ve handled this so far is a pretty huge turn-off comics212 – never safe for work. » Blog Archive » Long Story Short: Band steals from illustrator, doesn’t seem to care. baby art blog : crime __________________ [...]

  3. Chris says:

    Kevin- Yeah, it sucks because they’re Toronto and lots of my friends dig their music. I enjoyed what I heard… but it’s a little difficult to get into now, you know?

  4. Scott Bieser says:

    Crystal Castles rips off artists.

    Pass it on.

  5. End Of Semester Nerves « memoirs on a rainy day says:

    [...] I’m still amazed at the whole CamelBak and Crystal Castles incidents on my blog. I’d like to say that the Crystal Castles isn’t really my business, though I commented on it and based my opinions from other sources. I’d just like to mention that I’ve been listening to Crystal Castles non-stop since I posted my blog, so maybe that means there is no bad promotion, right? (I really like their music too!) [...]

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