Kazu Kibuishi signs the movie contract for his graphic novel Amulet. The movie has been optioned by Will Smith’s production company. Kazu is pretty excited to meet him. :)


There’s 3 announcements in this picture, if you look carefully. The big one is the exceptionally good news that Stephen Robson of Fanfare/Ponent Mon has signed the contract to do the English-language adaptation of Jiro Taniguchi’s masterful graphic novel series “Faraway Neighborhood” (transliteration, it could be translated a number of ways). This is, from people in the know, the Taniguchi book. In the background you can see poster promoting two new works, including Disappearance Diary by Hideo Azuma and My Mommy, by Jean Regnaud and Emile Bravo. This is great news, more on this later.


Asano-san and Mr. Lee talk about cross-continental collaboration, in advance of the new Shonen Jump series Ultimo!

Having a great time, wish you were here.

- Chris

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  1. Derek Halliday says:

    What is ULTIMO!? And is that Inio Asano, the guy that did SOLANIN? SICK!

  2. MangaBlog » Blog Archive » Back from New York says:

    [...] On a more cheerful note, Stephen Robson of Fanfare was there, beaming about the recent Eisner nomination for Jiro Taniguchi’s The Ice Wanderer, although he still faces distribution challenges. Vertical had a bigger booth than last year, and marketing director Stephen Vrattos told me that they sold all their advance copies of Dororo pretty quickly. Digital Manga seemed to be doing a brisk business, and the Speed Racer box set was the object of desire du jour. [...]

  3. In which I talk a lot about a convention I didn’t even go to. says:

    [...] (or, in Kevin’s case, sober up), but Kevin Church has a brief wrap-up here, Chris Butcher has some photos and will speak about the con on NPR Monday morning (here’s the show archive if you miss it), [...]

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