Carla Speed McNeil- “We are totally rocking out at the Mac store. We rode the Cuisinart.”

I think for future cons, I am only going to blog via other people’s internet connections. Free internet used against its consumerist intentions is the new black.

The con was really interesting today. I had a good conversation with Marc Weidenbaum, editor of Shonen Jump and Shoujo Beat. Viz has just started a new original content line, graphic novels etc. More to come on this. Don’t send pitches, just approach him with printed work.

There’s today’s scoop. :)

- Chris

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  1. MangaBlog » Blog Archive » NYCC: Sales crunch, Stan Lee, Viz to do global manga says:

    [...] After the event, a few of us took the opportunity to chat with Viz vp of magazines Marc Weidenbaum, who is the editor in chief of Shonen Jump (named by Griepp as the best selling periodical comic in America). Chris already scooped me on this, but I’ll mention it anyway: Marc says that Viz will be taking submissions for original graphic novels, and in fact he spent some time this week talking to students at the School for Visual Arts about what exactly Viz is looking for. This is actually rather remarkable, since Viz is the American subsidiary of the Japanese publishers Shueisha and Shogakukan, but I guess it shows where the market is going. [...]

  2. Blog@Newsarama » Viz to accept submissions for new GN line says:

    [...] Viz to accept submissions for new GN line Saturday April 19, 2008, 12:34 pm Chris Butcher and Brigid Alverson report from New York Comic Con that Viz Media will begin accepting submissions for original graphic novels. [...]

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