Hey there, readership! Two quick things.

I am still in New York, and the nice folks at NPR’s The Bryant Park Project morning show have asked me on to their show to talk about the con, my experiences, and etc. I’ll be on sometime around 8am tomorrow morning, and I’m looking forward to it. If you can’t make it up that early in the evening, it looks like the show is archived on their website.

Meanwhile! I contributed a little sidebar piece to New York gay mag Next Magazine‘s most-recent issue about comics, just in time for the convention. I found a copy while I was here and they blew it up onto a full page with art and everything, which is fab. It’s a quick-and-dirty little piece called 6 Essential Gay Graphic Novels.

So it’s been a pretty good weekend :)

- Chris

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  1. :: immonen illustrations inc :: » short cuts says:

    [...] – Luc and the other artists are getting some attention, if not resolution. – problem resolved with Canada Post and the Beguiling even though the Butcher is still in NYC. – Vito Delsante wrote to tell me he sold out of CENTIFOLIA during NYCC and needs to re-stock for Jim Hanley’s Universe– thanks, everyone! – week one orders have been filled and shipped from Immonen Central, and should be arriving by the end of this week. – thanks for the email, Erik! – yes, that’s how I draw. [...]

  2. Derek Halliday says:

    I’m totally going to make you do the voice, and say, “This should provide adequate sustanence for the DR WHO marathon.”

  3. Kat Kan says:

    Why oh why oh why did you let that guy get away with calling graphic novels a genre?! I spend so much of my time at workshops telling librarians it’s not a genre, it’s a format.

    Otherwise, a terrific interview. And thanks for mentioning librarians and schools!

  4. Chris says:

    Kat- heh, that rankled me a bit too. It’s not so much about letting the host get away with something, rather than picking the right battles, I think. You’re welcome on the libraries and schools part, that was something I wanted to make sure got some attention.

  5. Michael Denton says:

    I really wish you had put in Tim Fish’s excellent “Calvacade of Boys” TPB which deserves far more attention that it receives and certainly out-ranks Ex-Machina (even though its a great book) or even Buffy which I love). Also, Young Avengers (although mentioned with Wiccan/Hulkling) would have been a strong choice.

    In any case, do promote Fish’s work (any of it) if you have the chance!

  6. Chris says:

    Michael- Well I did tag YOUNG BOTTOMS IN LOVE, which was Tim’s multi-year web-comic to-do. I didn’t want to front-load Tim’s work too much, particularly because he’s a friend of mind and I’m trying to keep the nepotist leanings on the DL. Otherwise I probably would have picked Scott Pilgrim again as well…

  7. In which I talk a lot about a convention I didn’t even go to. says:

    [...] case, sober up), but Kevin Church has a brief wrap-up here, Chris Butcher has some photos and will speak about the con on NPR Monday morning (here’s the show archive if you miss it), Johanna has run-downs of what she [...]

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