I was happy to read that Kazu Kibuishi really enjoyed Taiyo Matsumoto’s Tekkon Kinkreet, particularly since he says it was the interview I published that pushed him to finally pick the book up off his to-read pile. The piece he wrote on approaching Matsumoto’s work, and the book itself, is also really interesting. I’m aware that when you push a creator or a work really hard, people (particularly hardcore comics readers) tend to bristle. The number of comments in my feed reader in a given week that are some variation on living or not living up to the “hype” is kind of ridiculous… Anyway, Kazu lays his thought-processes on engaging the work bare, and like I said, it’s worth reading.

So this means that yes Jim, you have to read it again.

- Christopher

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  1. John Jakala says:

    I finally read it last week and loved it as well. I bought it way back when when you were originally promoting it, so thanks for alerting me to this amazing book!

  2. Leigh Walton says:

    You and Tom are both riffing on “comic fans are basically complete dicks” today.

  3. Leigh Walton says:

    and by “today” I mean “three days ago.”

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