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I have to say, I feel slightly better about being late to the show today. Adrian Tomine just came by and said hi as I sit here in the hotel lobby, trying to see what I missed at the show so far by checking all of the news sites. If Adrian can get up and go to the show at noon, then I feel like I can do the same.

So yeah, the show’s pretty good this year. I think the crowding may have reached a whole new level though, and I honestly can’t see how the event can proceed ‘business as usual’. I wonder how much it is to rent the Petco stadium? Or maybe that bandshell over behind the convention centre…

Last night was the Oni party, and it was too crazy to take pictures, for the most part. You’ll just have to imagine Shirley Manson and Sarah Silverman on your own.

Awright, I’m headed back into the fray. Thanks to everyone who’s linked the photo blogging so far, it’s pretty great of you to do so. I’ll set up reciprocal links on Monday or Tuesday probably :)

Photos continue at http://flickr.com/photos/comics212/ imminently. Or possibly after breakfast.

- Christopher

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  1. zack soto says:

    WAAAA.!?! Sarah silverman was there? And I would have been too? She’s totally into sarcastic chubby nerds!

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