Seriously people.

- Chris

5 Comments on “Observation: Steampunk is the new Klingons”

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  1. Cory says:

    LoL, isn’t it though?

  2. Sean T. Collins says:

    Where did that come from, anyway?

    Also, I wish all the Heath Ledger Jokers could have joined forces and faced off against the stormtroopers somehow.

  3. Chris says:

    Dude, they’re both “outsider” cultures generated by fan enthusiasm that supersedes the mainstream popularity of the source material. They were also everywhere at Comicon this year, even as the Klingons were on the wain. It’s only a pejorative statement so far as your personal opinion on dudes and ladies dressing up in outlandish costumes is of a pejorative nature. Also, “Kerplach” = “Guv’nah!”

    - Christopher

  4. neon_suntan says:

    At least the Randy Nakamura subculture seems to be on the wane

  5. Shaunathan says:

    Smug and smarmy is always in style, shame that’s not waining :)

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