hackslash16a.jpgAt right you have the cover to Hack/Slash #16 from Devil’s Due Publishing. It features the character “The Re-Animator” from a series of films by the same name. Diamond has refused to distribute the three issues of Hack/Slash featuring “The Reanimator” because there’s some measure of legal discussion over who actually owns the rights to the character, either the creator, or I believe a producer or group of suits associated with the films. Diamond’s policy in situations where there is some question as to the legality of a publishing effort is, simply, not to distribute the book. That’s fine, I suppose, they’re just trying to cover their own ass.

But if that’s the case, how in the hell can they justify continuing to distribute copies of Action Comics?

I call bullshit.

- Christopher

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  1. Jeff Trexler says:

    One possible explanation is that in the case of Action Comics, the judge concluded that DC & the Siegels were co-owners of the Superman material in Action Comics #1.

    Even if the court decides that all current Superman material constitutes a derivative work of this material–which DC disputes–each co-owner of the copyright has the right to develop the material without consent from any other co-owner. They have to share the profits, but this does not affect DC’s right to continuing selling Action & other comics featuring Superman.

    Of course, as I noted in one of my Blog@ posts, the DC Superman trademarks pose real difficulties for any attempt for the Siegels to develop their own independent Superman comics.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Chris Collins says:

    I thought it might have something to do with the face that the publisher of Action Comics has a clause in it’s Diamond contract that would let said publisher BUY them.

  3. Tom Spurgeon says:

    While I suspect shenanigans as well, there’s also the brokerage/distribution difference to be processed as well.

  4. Tom Spurgeon says:

    Also the conspiracy that makes me use “as well” multiple times.

  5. Dan Coyle says:

    I’m amused that Brian Yuzna’s claim to Re-Animator seems to ignore Stuart Gordon entirely.

  6. Rich Johnston says:

    Premier Publishers have a legally different relationship with Diamond. Diamond is their employee. To non-Premier publishers, Diamond is a service provider. Different levels of responsibility.

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