In addition to featuring a bitch’n soundtrack, this new video trailer for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix also features a very prominently placed logo for UDON, the publisher and creative studio headquartered right here in Toronto. UDON slapped a fresh coat of digital paint on the game, completely re-drawing all of the character animations, backgrounds, character art and ending sequences to bring the 20 year old classic screaming into the High-Def age. The game looks fantastic.

Pleasing die-hard Street Fighter fans is about as difficult as pleasing Trekkies, but this game is expected to make fans of the series happy. It’s a downloadable game for the Xbox360 and PS3 that features online competitive play, tournaments, and I’m pretty jealous that I don’t get to play, seeing as I’ve only got a Wii… Still, for those of you with the proper systems, you can thrill to getting your ass handed you by some random 12 year old kid anywhere in the world, rather than the random 12 year old kid standing next to you at the arcade machine.

This is a pretty major feather in Udon’s cap, as the game is expected to be one of the most popular titles of the holiday season, and it looks like the studio is going to be front and center in the promotions. I’m friends with the guys at Udon, so I know how hard they worked to pull this together, and I’m glad to see them getting their due… Likewise, I’m glad to be sitting on a few dozen copies of the currently-between-printings Street Fighter Graphic Novels, which should move quite nicely any day now thanks to the continuing build-up in interest in the series

Oh, and while I’m shilling, the second issue of the new SF2 comic drops in stores this Wednesday.

- Chris

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  1. Georgia says:

    Does someone know when Ninja Blade for Xbox360 will be released?

  2. Udon news & weekend wrap-up | Charming Monsters says:

    [...] Butcher over at Comics212 has some info on the upcoming release of Street Fighter Turbo II HD Remix, one of several big projects that my partner Jim has been working hard on over the past year. Long [...]

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