Congratulations to my friend Bannister, as it seems the young readers Bande Desinee series he’s co-created, “Les Enfants D’Ailleurs” will be translated into English. The series’ English title is “The ElseWhere Chronicles,” and it will come to North America courtesy of Lerner Publishing Group. I can’t recall, off the top of my head, another graphic novel that Lerner has published, so this seems like a new venture for them.

A new website has just been launched for the series at http://elsewherechronicles.com/, and it seems like copies of the first volume of The ElseWhere Chronicles will be debuting at The New York Comic Con this February.

You might be familiar with Bannister’s work from the various volumes of the Flight anthology. It’s good stuff, and the French edition has been a strong seller for us at The Beguiling.

Congrats, Bannister!

- Chris

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  1. Bitter Matt says:

    About how much (hopefully this question is at least in some way practical to answer) French language material do you sell, at The Beguiling, anyway? I ask entirely out of curiosity.


  2. Kat Kan says:

    Lerner has a line called Graphic Universe, which publishes graphic novel adaptations of myths from the Greco-Roman, Norse, Chinese, Japanese, African, Egyptian, Mayan, and other cultures, also adaptations of King Arthur, Beowulf, and other legends. It’s basically for the library/school market, so I doubt many at all in the direct market know about it.

  3. Klio says:

    Graphic Universe also has the Twisted Journeys series, graphic novels in which the reader chooses the path through the plot(s). Those can be found in paperback in some bookstores and comic shops :)

  4. ray friesen says:

    Hi Chris!

    I was wandering around the internet, and stumbled across your blog here. Yay more talking about fun comic books! Good onya, our universe needs more of that. Elsewhere chronicles looks fab, I will be sure to check it out.

    As an author and cartoonist myself, I thought I should say hello, and point you toward my website! Here’s hoping mine is the sort of humor you enjoy, and that you’d like to share what I do with all your readers!

    My name is Ray Friesen, I write and draw a series of humor adventure graphic novels (chock full of pirates and penguins and all sorts of silly things). My first, ‘ A Cheese Related Mishap’ was one of the American Library Association’s Top Ten Graphic Novels of the Year for Kids! (my books are aimed at children, but adults who have a inner child are fans as well). A free first chapter preview of all my books (including ‘YARG!’ ‘Another Dirt Sandwich’ and the forthcoming ‘Cupcakes of DOOM!) as well as my weekly webcomic are all available at my website, http://www.DontEatAnyBugs.com. Get yourself addicted! If you like to laugh, giggling is guaranteed.

    Thanks very much! If you are inclined to talk about me on your blog after this, I’d like to do anything possible to help! If you do interviews, I’m available, if you need pictures, anything on my site is up for grabs, and if you have any special requests, I’d love to help in anyway I can! I like to spread the love, but not too thin or else you can’t taste it.


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