Just received from Archie Comics in a press release:

“Ever since Archie’s first appearance in 1941, Archie Comics has prided itself with keeping up with the fads and fashions of the times.  That includes technology.  Photocopiers, fax machines, microwaves, video players, compact music players, the internet. you name it. Archie Comics has been there through every innovation, exploring each with hilarious humor as the classic cast of characters both utilize and wrestle with modern technology.  This March, several stories highlight the latest gadgets in goofy fashion, as only Archie Comics can!”

The part that they forgot to mention is that they are consistently 10 years behind in doing so. For example, I present the rest of the press release:

“ARCHIE #595: “Home Insecurity”: After robbers break into his safe, Mr. Lodge upgrades his security system to protect his property. but who will protect him from the ever-pervasive new system?!”

I hate to be all “Simpsons Did It”, but just in terms of “keeping up with the fads” The Simpsons did wacky-home-security-antics with Pierce Brosnan 2 years ago. Yikes.

Other issues that month will have (not joking) Archie addicted to text messaging, Betty & Veronica joining “The Geek Squad” (like Best Buy! Only not-litigious!), and Reggie having some sort of problem with camera phones. I hear Archie might even get Vista for Christmas… next year.

Watch out Ellis, Archie’s nipping at your body-modified, cybernetically-enhanced heels.

- Chris

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  1. LurkerWithout says:

    “Betty & Veronica joining “The Geek Squad” (like Best Buy! Only not-litigious!)”

    Also the name of the faux-Best Buy group on Chuck

  2. Halliday says:

    I get all my writing ideas from CHUCK too.

    Nah, Just kidding. I, like everyone else in the world, refrain from watching CHUCK.

    I’m pretty sure that UNCLE SCROOGE and RICHIE RICH beat even the SIMPSONS to the punch on wacky security trouble woes, but since the SIMPSONS retroactively invented all comedy, I guess it still applies (SEE: Simpsons Theory of Reverse Comedy Temporal Distortion Theory: A Thesis on The Affects of Pop Culture and Time Travel by Dr. Thaddeus Who).

  3. zach worton says:

    “That includes technology. Photocopiers, fax machines, microwaves, video players, compact music players, the internet. you name it.”
    Bwahhahahaha!!! The sheer brilliance of it all!!! Now they just have to write an instructional strip for out of touch, 50 year old men and how NOT to write teenagers. Talk about about being behind the times!

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