I’m kind of sorry I ever picked on Blog@ previously… This whole new crew is just brutal. I’m done, delisting them from the sidebar, last post even talking about them until they shape up.

What pushed me over the edge? Well I’m about a week behind on my feed reading, but I just came across a post at the Blog, talking about Naruto and Bleach anime at iTunes in Canada. Which is a non-story, and just sort of lame, but fine. What pushes the whole thing into all-caps LAME is that they illustrated the article about Naruto anime… with Fan Art. Like they have no idea what Naruto anime looks like. Better still? Fan Art by COREY LEWIS (Sharknife). Not exactly an unknown creator, you know? And they didn’t credit him, or link his site, they just used his art commercially without asking him. And they didn’t correct the story when folks wrote in in the comments section saying “Hey, what’s up with this?”

Just… just amateur hour. I don’t need to be reading this site.

If you need to see for yourself, it’s a December 17th entry. I’m not linking them.

Merry Christmas.

- Christopher
P.S. Check out Corey Lewis’ stuff online at http://www.reyyy.com/

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  1. Matthew J. Brady says:

    I agree about the new Blogorama, but I will say that there is one exception in J. Caleb Mozzocco. I’ve read his blog, Every Day is Like Wednesday, for a while now, and it’s really good stuff. I’ve been keeping up with his posts on Blog@, but I try to avoid pretty much everything else.

  2. Toxophilite says:

    That’s a shame, they edited the post to feature the cover to the Manga before I could see it.

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