Hello folks!

I’m going to be upgrading my version of WordPress pretty significantly this evening, and will be debuting an all new site design at the same time. Things will likely be weird around here for a little while, but the new design and version have been tested pretty thoroughly, so it should go smoothly.

Thanks for your patience…!

- Chris

4 Comments on “Fresh Coat Of Paint Being Applied”

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  1. Lissa says:

    The layout is looking pretty snazzy so far :) The blog description under the title is cut off in IE, but the rest of the design works the same across browsers.

  2. Chris says:

    Lissa- We have no idea why it’s doing that, we’re looking into it.


    - Chris

  3. James Moar says:

    The site looks odd in Safari now — the blogroll appears at a fixed location on the screen no matter how wide the browser window, whilst paragraphs in the blog itself go right to the edge of the screen, with parts hidden under the blogroll.

  4. James Moar says:

    Hang on — looks fine now the new design’s fully in place.

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