Hey folks,

Since Worrying Signs For LiveJournal are in the news right now, I just wanted to do a PSA to everyone on the LJ feed for Comics212 that I do have a great, fully-functioning RSS feed that you can subscribe to in a reader, or whatever. I recommend Google Reader. Just in case LJ magically disappears at some point in the future.

That’s all, real post soonish.

- Chris

3 Comments on “LiveJournal Worries”

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  1. Al aka El Negro Magnifico says:

    Google Read kicks ass, and I started subscribing to Comics212 yesterday.

  2. Al aka El Negro Magnifico says:

    Uh…ReadER. Time for bed.

  3. magwea says:

    Just a heads up

    “Internet Explorer cannot display this feed

    This feed contains code errors.
    Whitespace is not allowed at this location.
    Line: 141 Character: 35

    Presented by The Beguiling Books & Art”

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