Comics Festival 2009 Solicitation CoverYikes! I woke up this morning and was informed that the January 2009 Previews Catalogue is due… Which means that retailers have gotta place their orders for this year’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY books soon! That includes the third installment of COMICS FESTIVAL!, the anthology we put together to promote Canadian comics talent, and TCAF. This year Comics Festival is being aimed directly at the under-12 set, a kid-focused, kid-approved collection of great comics!

Comics Festival 2009 leads a 10-page SARDINE IN OUTER SPACE story by TCAF Guest Of Honour Emmanuel Guibert, in association with SARDINE publisher First Second Books. Emmanuel Guibert also put together that striking new cover that will leap off the table on Free Comic Book Day!

Comics Festival 2009 will also feature Kean Soo, who will be providing a couple of all-new JELLABY short stories in celebration of the second volume of that series, coming this fall!

Wrapping up the book will be a bunch of comic strips and shorts by a plethora of Great Canadian Cartoonists, and there will be more than one surprise in its pages. It really is going to be a fantastic book, full of great stories, and a great retailer tool that will promote more than 15 in-print graphic novels for young readers.

If you’re a comics fan looking for a great read this FCBD, or you have kids who like comics, or you’re a retailer who wants a great kid-safe book to hand out for Free Comic Book Day this year (that doubles as a great sales-tool!) then don’t miss COMICS FESTIVAL 2009!

- Chris
P.S.: Free Comic Book Day is Saturday May 2nd this year, the weekend before TCAF.

3 Comments on “Comics Festival 2009 – Order Deadline Tomorrow”

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  1. Kat Kan says:

    I’ve ordered copies to give away at my school for FCBD.

  2. German says:

    yikes! hope the order made it through okay!

    I’m really looking forward to FCBD this year. last year I found some pretty interesting gems that way. An old duck tales comic comes to mind, I’m a big Carl Barks fan now as a result.


  3. Eoin says:

    Absolutely effin great news! I love Emmanuel Guibert, I read his short story in the Japan anthology and I’m currently reading Alan’s War, he’s such an amazing and versatile artist…

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