Hey folks! Due to e-mail problems, when we were putting together COMICS FESTIVAL 2009 (available at FREE COMIC BOOK DAY events EVERYWHERE! TODAY!) we missed out on a great strip. Andy Belanger (Andy B. to his friends) has created a great new character/story, ANNIE ARCADE, and her first published adventure was scheduled to be in Comics Festival! 2009!

Unfortunately Annie and her crew didn’t quite make it into the book this year, but that just means we can make this strip EXTRA FREE! So check out the first ever adventure of Andy B.’s ANNIE ARCADE below. And if you’re at The Beguiling today, stop by the store to meet Andy and get a special “tip-in” version of the comic strip to insert into your copy of Comics Festival!  



For more of Andy B.’s work, and more adventures of Annie Arcade, check out http://andybelanger.com/?p=203

Happy Free Comic Book Day!

- Christopher


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  1. Ab. says:

    Nice comic! And great show today at The Beguiling for Free Comic Book Day.

  2. MichaelJ says:

    Wow, something happened to the Beguiling website…

    FCBD was great!! I got some comics XD~

  3. Kat Kan says:

    I SO wish I could be in Toronto for TCAF, but it ain’t gonna happen. I wish all the best! And Comics Festival is a very cool FCBD offering: I told all the kids at school I wanted to go to Toronto to meet the creators whose work is collected in the book. Both local comics shops here in Panama City had copies of it to give away.

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