go_fujimoto_bearGo Fujimoto is an absolutely incredible Japanese “bara” or bear illustrator. Big dudes, cute faces, and even his quickly-coloured pencil sketches (as above) look incredible. I’d recommend tracking down as much of his work as you might be able to, he’s really quite talented.

You can find Go Fujimoto online at his blog (Japanese Language Only, sorry!) http://japanimationbears.ti-da.net/, or at his online store Bear Grand, http://www7b.biglobe.ne.jp/~japanimationbears/BG/BGtop_E.html.

- Chris

4 Comments on “Happy Gay Pride Week! – Go Fujimoto”

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  1. JRB says:

    Hey Chris;

    “Bara” actually means “rose”; it’s from the name of an early and influential gay men’s magazine, Barazoku (“rose tribe”). “Bear” (in both senses) is “kuma”.

  2. Grisser says:

    haha thanks for reminding me. I haven’t been to his blog in months and months

  3. Ryan says:

    Happy Pride week! The big parade and associated activities is this weekend in SF :)

    May I turn your attention to Pinkman? Avant-gay japanese illustrator!


  4. nico says:

    so good

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