Hey folks, sorry the updates have been slow… Internet access hasn’t been that frequent, and we’ve actually been travelling quite a bit. So far we spent 3 days in Tokyo, went to Nikko (beautiful), up to Sapporo on Hokaido (awesome!) and I’m writing this from our hotel in Kyoto. It’s kind of an intense travel time. Anyhow, whilst walking around today we tripped over one of my fav stores from my first visit–Village Vanguard. It’s described as a “cool book store”, with lots of cool items, young-people culture, books, manga, and more. So I figured I’d just post the pictures I took there, today, and not bother with any sort of timeline this time out. I’m also going to try WordPress’ “gallery” feature here to save me some time… Let me know what you think!

Village Vanguard Kyoto: Photos by Christopher Butcher









Click to view the gallery:

- Chris

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  1. ilcap says:

    As if the selection of manga wasn’t sexy enough, Number Five action figures?

    How can one store get things so right.

  2. Halliday says:

    That ET’s hair game is FUCKED UP, son. Awesome!

  3. Rod says:

    Thank goodness, I’ve been having vicarious withdrawl symptoms since my last vicarious trip with you.

  4. James McShane says:

    I love those Little My socks.

    They’d be great for kicking people with.

  5. Halliday says:

    You and Andrew aren’t the guys that stole Leonardo DiCaprio’s shoes from a Shinto Temple yesterday by any chance, are you? I know it’s a long shot, but that would be fucking AWESOME if you were. That’ll learn ‘im to observe another cultures customs and beliefs!

  6. Heather says:

    EEeeeee! Barbapapa socks! (I have a plush Barbapapa cel phone charm that I bought in Montreal…)

  7. Josh Hechinger says:

    Matsumoto figures! Eee! (No. 5 dudes and…is that Hanao from Hanaotoko?)

  8. Nathaly Hancock says:

    I live in Japan and my house it’s very next to the Village Vanguard….i’ve been there….it’s very fun

  9. erysimum says:

    Hello, long time fan of your site both for the travelogues and the comics news (I am a librarian, and those updates are very useful for when I buy graphic novels!). I know this is an older post, but I thought you might enjoy this- I was in the Kyoto Village Vanguard on Saturday when I spotted this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/erysimum9/5086268798/in/photostream/

    Probably a sign that the end of the world is nigh… but I still LOLed.

    Thanks for all the great comics reporting!

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