Glad everyone found the Cynical Orange post interesting. I can’t decide if I want to write the follow-up addressing all of the points in the comment section… It’ll take a lot of time I’m not sure I have.

Speaking of, we’ve been working hard on TCAF over here, and I think we’ll have a big announcement next week about the 2010 show (May 8-9). If everything goes the way it should, information and announcements will be disseminated a lot earlier and more consistently. I feel pretty good about it in general, but it’s way more work up-front to make this thing easier to run than it is to do it the way we’ve been doing it. I am learning the valuable life skill of learning to let go, and it only took me a few decades.

Alright, it’s new comics day. Let’s go sell some comics!

- Chris

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  1. Bitter Matt says:

    Darn Canadians and your new comics a day before us.

    Are you still getting cheated on cover price, at least? With effective dollar parity it would obviously seem fair to charge the same figure on both sides of the border, but no one’s actually doing so, are they?

    Don’t strip away our last consolation. ;-)

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah, the CDN cover price is just an utter disaster on every level. Most CDN pubs are locking it at a 20% markup when the real-life difference is a little under 10%, so that’s annoying.

    We totally ignore the Canadian printed price from U.S. pubs, it’s so far out of whack. I’ve got GOTHAM CENTRAL HC 2 in front of me, and the thing is $30 U.S., and $38 CDN. At the standard mark-up it should only be $36, but at the real markup it should be $33. Thieves.

    Anyway, At Least I’ve Got Comics Today. :p


    - Christopher

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