Hello readership! A book that we put out in conjunction with this year’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Key Moments from the History of Comics, is in the SEP09 Previews Catalogue, for items shipping in November. Today is the very last day that retailers can adjust their initial orders on books from the back of the catalog. If you might want a copy, this is the only time it’ll show up through Diamond, so I humbly suggest you speak with your local comic book shopkeeper today. Thanks! – Chris

key_moments_cover_500pxKey Moments from the History of Comics
By Francois Ayroles
48 pages, CDN$10.00
Published by The Beguiling Books

Available in Previews from Drawn & Quarterly Books
September 2009 Catalogue (for items shipping in November)
Item code SEP09 0805, Page 255.

Published in conjunction with the 2009 Toronto Comic Arts Festival, The Beguiling has published it’s first book ever: Key Moments from the History of Comics! This witty chapbook collection of French cartoonist Francois Ayroles’ humour cartoons is a fantastic and funny read for alternative and literary comics fans. The book imagines–to humourous effect–the most poigniant and important moments in the lives of great cartoonists and comics institutions from around the world.

It’s funny stuff–the gag book collection is something that has largely disappeared from the shelves and racks of comic book stores, and this brings back the idea with a vengence. Admittedly it’s a little pricey for a 48 page book, but it’s… unlikely to be collected otherwise, given the nature of the material. I bought a copy and quite enjoyed it, particularly having met M. Ayroles and found him to be just as warm and funny in person.

key_moments_gagsThe cartooning is lovely, chunky and filled with deep blacks but with a grace that’s appealing. And it’s sad and funny. My absolute favourite is the Chris Ware one, but I’ve left that out so you have something to discover for yourself.


- Christopher

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  1. THE BEAT » Blog Archive » Random Universe, Random LInks, 9/30/09 says:

    [...] ยง Chris Butcher reminds is that it’s the last day to pre-order Key Moments from the History of Comics at Comics212. [...]

  2. Bitter Matt says:

    I hate to ask a dumb question, but I’m missing something. This is in the September ’09 Previews, but a possible Diamond solicitation is at least 4 months away…? So it might be available again early next year, then?

  3. Chris says:

    Hey Matt,

    Sorry, I copy-pasted the text from May/June when I originally posted this, at which point it was several months from being solicited. :)

    I’ve edited it now, thanks for the heads-up.

    - Chris

  4. Bitter Matt says:

    OH, okay. That explains things. Thank you! :o)

  5. David T G Riches says:

    Totally in expensive at a low $10 and worth every penny for the name dropping through the history of comics if you didn’t know who’s being talked about you WILL want to know!
    Every serious comics fan should get this!

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