driftingOver at Comics Comics, they’ve printed an interview with Yoshihiro Tatsumi conducted at the 2009 Toronto Comic Arts Festival. It’s by one of our customers (and a freelance writer/interviewer) named Chris Randle, and it’s really good. Randle’s got a deeper interest in comics in general and Tatsumi’s work in particular than many interviewers I’ve read, and as such I think he manages to get a little more out of Tatsumi about his life and work.

Long story short, it’s a good one. Go check it out: http://comicscomicsmag.blogspot.com/2009/10/tatsumi-in-toronto.html

- Chris

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  1. Yoshihiro Tatsumi interviewed | The Forbidden Planet International Blog Log says:

    [...] Chris Randle managed to get time to chat with Yoshihiro Tatsumi, creator of the acclaimed D&Q titles Push Man, Good-bye, Abandon the Old in Tokyo and the recent A Drifting Life, at this year’s TCAF (via Chris at Comics 212): [...]

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