While the TCAF site is being overhauled I didn’t have a handy archive of our Festival posters anywhere, so I’m going to post them here. Gallery below, full-size versions behind the cut.


2003 TCAF Poster by Seth


2005 Festival Poster (1) by Darwyn Cooke


2005 Festival poster (2) by Marc Bell


2005 Festival poster (3) by James Jean


2007 Festival poster by Darwyn Cooke


2009 Festival poster by Bryan Lee O’Malley

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  1. MichaelJ says:

    It’s just so funny how appropos the Scott Pilgrim/Ramona Flowers/ Knives Chau poster is…especially with the Toronto Reference Library in the background.

    Oh, how it calls for cosplayers re-enacting that scene. :P

  2. Peter Hollo says:

    OMG Seth! OMG Marc Bell!
    Awesome. And the Bryan Lee O’Malley too. What a fabulous town Toronto is.

  3. Chris Pitzer says:

    What a lovely collection. And while we weren’t really cosplaying, the Dharb and I did it.


  4. MichaelJ says:

    Toronto is awesome…anyone have any ideas on how to lure people out to Waterloo? :3

  5. Scott Chantler says:

    I had the Seth poster mounted after the show, but made the mistake of hanging it in my cubicle at the animation studio where I worked at the time. It totally got stolen!

  6. Live comics in Toronto | The Ephemerist says:

    [...] world-famous comic book store The Beguiling, is kind enough to share good quality scans for several Toronto Comics Arts Festival posters by the likes of Seth and Darwyn Cooke.  Thanks, Chris [...]

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