The Walking Dead #70

So the manga milestones thing is going well, eh? Those last couple entries got pretty large and took a little more out of me than I was expecting. I need an editor. But yeah, the last 3 are sketched out and I should get to them tonight and/or tomorrow, wrapping the whole thing up.

What takes not-nearly as long as writing? Why just flapping my gums. I’ve recently been an invited guest on a couple of Podcasts, where I give my opinions on things without the luxury of an edit button. So far people seem to like them!

Back in December, right around the time of the kerfuffle about comics for kids (and don’t you worry, I’ll be revisiting THAT topic soon…), Dan Vado invited me onto the SLG podcast, alongside guest Evan Dorkin. You can find the archive of that Podcast here. I had been hopped up on energy drinks AND got on late, so the whole thing crackles with nervous energy, you should love it, Evan and I try not to feel bad about talking overtop one-another for a half hour. I think I end up on the podcast about 23 minutes in.

Meanwhile, my most recent podcast appearance was this past Friday. Canada’s SPACE tv network has a weekly podcast, The SpaceCast, and SPACE producer Mark Askwith(!) invited me on to talk about the decade in comics, particularly in and around genre comics. You can find that podcast right here. I had a really good time chatting with Mark, just shooting the shit about comics and graphic novels. I’m right at the beginning of the podcast and Mark and I chat for the first 30 or 40 minutes. I picked my favourite genre comic book of the last decade (ooooh!) and just talked about the stuff that really hit in the last decade… Almost none of which overlaps with what I’ve already written here at the blog. I’m followed by an interview with James Cameron, so that’s kind of weird. Edit: Just listened to the podcast… Pretty good in general, but I flubbed the details on Whoops…

Oh, and just big-ups to the dude who popped by Podcast-cherry, Robin McConnell at Inkstuds. I’m pretty sure I mentioned it at the time, but Robin, Dustin Harbin from HeroesCon/Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find, and myself talked inside-baseball retail nonsense back in October.

- Christopher

4 Comments on “You Are Listening To The Sound Of My Voice”

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  1. inkstuds says:

    Man, I need to get on that Space action. You think they have any use for an opinionated comic snob.

    And don’t feel bad about talking over Evan, he is the king of the talkover. But we love him for that anyways.

  2. Evan Dorkin says:

    Chris — I thought the show you did was the the best ep yet, really good conversation, and you successfully got me to quiet down a lot. I try to shut up, I really do, it’s just my stupid brain, it makes me say stuff.

    Robin, I wish I could type-over you, you egregious villain-type. You better hope we don’t make it to Toronto. Grudge match! Grudge match! Lumberjack rules!

  3. inkstuds says:

    You want Lumberjack Rules Grudge Match, Dorkin. You got it! You should know better than to suggest Lumberjack Rules to Canadian. I was born with a toque and an axe in my crib.

  4. Chris (a different one) says:

    I’d love to listen to the SLG one, but it doesn’t seem that this podcast can in any way be cast onto a pod.

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