Book-Off in Kyoto. Frighteningly cheap books.

Casa Magazine Cover in an Osaka Bookstore. Featuring a lovely little colour Moomin illustration.

Osaka Bookstore– 21 prints magazine with a cover by and feature on Moyocco Anno.

Same bookstore. It’s another history book by Hideo Azuma, author of Disappearance Diary. Lots more to be released by this fascinating creator.

A brand-new 2-volume best-of of Oishinbo, focussing on Shiro and Yuzan. MAVERICK! TYCOON!

Tripped over the Japanese-language reprints of Moomin whilst there. Lovely, small little hardcovers. Let’s have a peak:

It’s a little funny to see the Moomin’s speaking Japanese… especially type-set Japanese.

Another classic of comics literature… kept in the kids-book section rather than with the manga or comics.

Videogame strategy guides and artbooks. I spent a bit of money here.

I have no interest in Monster Hunter, but the art in this was lovely. 2 hardcovers in one package.

Monster Hunter is really popular in Japan.

I’ve got another big post in me on the manga sections of bookstores, for you bookstore fans. No worries.

- Christopher

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  1. The Manga Critic » Blog Archive » Friday Procrastination Aides, 1/15/10 says:

    [...] More information here… Christopher Butcher shares photos from a trip to a Kyoto branch of Book-Off as well as some unique Kazuo Umezu swag… and Danielle Leigh posts a glossary of manga terms; [...]

  2. Milo says:

    Those are some FAT Golgo 13 volumes. Awesome.

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