Cameron Stewart does a great job on the art chores of Batman & Robin #7, out today. It’s a breath of fresh air after Phillip Tan’s unfortunate run. The letterer and editor could use a little shaping-up however, as it looks like a couple of word balloons were swapped, giving the last scene in the book a sort of “No, I’M Spartacus!” sort of quality.

You’re both wrong, I’m the new Batman.

Props to Kevin P. for the tip.

- Chris

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  1. Tucker Stone says:

    Ha, that’s great. 3 straight weeks of lettering errors in Batman comics!

  2. Evan Dorkin says:

    This will all be fixed with a seven-issue mini-series that explains why the character swapped brains in this panel.

    The new DC — theres no edting us know!

  3. Evan Dorkin says:

    “Characters”, not “character”. Ha ha, how embarrassing and ironic for me!

    Then again, I’m not an editor, I didn’t post two message previously with typos in them, and I didn’t ask anyone to give me $3 to read it.

  4. Cole Moore Odell says:

    Switching the balloons wouldn’t help, because it would have thrown the conversation out of order. They should have reversed the image.

    Nowhere near as bad as that issue of the Flash where Paul Ryan and the editorial staff misunderstood Morrison’s script, and drew the completely wrong background in the issue’s climactic scene.

    What makes this confusing is that Dick totally has a “Where am I?” look on his face.

  5. Heidi M. says:

    How on earth was that panel suppose to be ballooned? The characters were drawn in the wrong order.

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  7. Andy G says:

    It’s always the letterer’s fault somehow. Just wait. *sigh*

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  9. Ed Brisson says:

    This is my nightmare: That I’ll make an error like this that’ll see print. In my 4 years of lettering comics, I think I’ve probably accidentally done this once or twice, but it was caught (by myself or the editor) before getting close to the printing stage.

    I can see how it would happen. Lettering is generally the last step before pre-production. I can’t count the number of times a book has been dropped in my lap either the day before or past the deadline and I’ve had to hustle to make up for time that was lost somewhere down the production line.

  10. Patrick Brosseau says:

    Whoops!! This went through 3 rounds of corrections and was never caught! I really apologize for this folks–a lot of times when I’m lettering a comic I’m just placing the balloons according to the editor’s balloon placement and I’m not really reading what’s in the balloons…I figure that’s the proofreader’s and editor’s job…Sorry!

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