The lovely Tom Spurgeon asked me for an interview, following the enormous success of TCAF 2010, and I decided “what the heck,” and went along with it. You can find the interview at:

It’s a bit of a long one, and it was almost entirely written between the hours of midnight at 4am, so it is considerably more honest and off the cuff that I originally intended, but I think it holds up okay. I kinda wanna give it another edit, but that’s life.

Originally I was going to save any official commenting on the show until our wrap-up, but as that’s been a while in coming I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to thank our staff and volunteers for all of their hard work, and Spurgeon’s is a pretty prestigious website upon which to send out those thanks.┬áThere’s still an official wrap-up coming of course, where we name names… in thanking all the wonderful people who helped out. And talk a little bit more about how things went, and what we’re going to do next time.

Also of note, not sure I mentioned it but there are a ton of photos of TCAF 2010 up online at flickr including my own. Here’s all the tagged TCAF 2010 shots:

Alright, nuff of me. More commenting coming soon.

- Christopher

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  1. Jody Macgregor says:

    Great interview. Say we were to walk over to the Tezuka spinner rack, which would you recommend? A specific volume of Phoenix maybe?

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