Drawn & Quarterly has acquired North American English rights to two graphic novel memoirs,Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths and NonNonB?, by one of Japan’s most acclaimed and legendary manga-kas, Shigeru Mizuki, it was announced today by Chris Oliveros, Editor-in-Chief, Acquiring Editor and Publisher of Drawn & Quarterly. – Drawn & Quarterly Blog, http://bit.ly/9idG4m

Best news of the show so far!

- Chris

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  1. Jim says:

    Woah! This could possibly be the BEST… NEWS… EVER!!! I’ve been waiting for some Mizuki to be translated for ever. Any news on release dates? I guess, it’ll not be for a while.

  2. Simon Jones who is blogless says:

    This is great news. Especially his war autobiography which I have wanted to read for ages.

    But I do find it really odd that GeGeGe no Kitaro, his most beloved and important work and in fact the whole reason he’s such a japanese cultural landmark, wasn’t picked up

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