+ So my friend Corey Mintz, food writer for The Toronto Star, has shown his true nerd colours and slavishly devoted a surprising amount of time and effort into running a post compiling every panel with food and/or eating from the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series. It also includes a short interview with Mr. O’Malley about his seeming obsession with his characters pigging out. Neat post.

+ It didn’t get much attention at the time, but the giant Gundam that they built on Odaiba in Tokyo last year was part of a tree-planting initiative, somehow. I didn’t really get it myself. Well, while the Gundam may be gone (moved to Shizuoka), there is a new tree-planting initiative in roughly the same spot, and this time it’s an 8 metre high Hello Kitty… that shoots lasers. Check it out at Pink Tentacle.

+ One of the best announcements at the San Diego Comic Con was that of Shigeru Mizuki’s work finally being translated and released for an English audience, courtesy of the fine folks at Drawn & Quarterly. Mizuki is a huge creative force in Japan, and his creations are ubiquitous. For more on that, check out this recent posting from Japan Probe which takes you to “Kitaro Town”, Mizuki’s hometown which has been completely kitted-out with characters and illustrations from Mizuki’s work, most notably his famous “Gegege No Kitaro”. ¬†Instantly going on my “to visit” list next time I make it to Japan…

+ Two fantastic cartoonists, Gabrielle Bell and Jillian Tamaki, are running recaps/reportage of their time at the San Diego Comic Con, in comics format! They’re fabulous, and I highly recommend checking them out.

Jillian Tamaki’s got a two-parter (part one, part two) and I make a cameo in part one… part two is more of an ‘epilogue’.

Gabrielle Bell’s updates are still ongoing, with three parts currently up at http://gabriellebell.com/.

- Christopher

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