A few months ago, I had the opportunity to letter a very cool short story by acclaimed experimental mangaka Akino Kondoh. The story is written and illustrated by Kondoh, translated by my good friend Jocelyne Allen, and it was published online for free at WordsWithoutBorders.org. Words Without Borders is a unique organization that “promotes cultural understanding through the translation, publication, and promotion of the finest contemporary international literature.” Filled with short stories, comics, interviews, and more, the site is fascinating and filled to the brim with great content.

You can read Ladybird’s Requiem at http://wordswithoutborders.org/graphic-lit/ladybirds-requiem.

Stick around the site and you can read more comics (and read non-comics stuff too, if you want) by some of my favourites, including Étienne DavodeauFrançois Ayroles, and Killoffer, amongst others.

Thanks to Words Without Borders and Jocelyne for the opportunity!

- Chris


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  1. DanielBT says:

    For some reason, I was reminded of the Frog & Toad story where Toad was trying to find his lost button. I wonder if anybody out there would think the same? Particularly around where Toad sews up all the buttons he’d found onto Frog’s vest.

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