Reviews: A brief insight.

The nice thing about being assigned books to review is that you get to experience titles you might normally have never picked up, or even actively avoided. The nicer thing about this is the feeling of confidence you get in your own taste and aesthetic, knowing that you avoided a title for looking like crap and then it turning out to be far worse than you imagined. It’s kind of amazing.

Meanwhile, in the ‘books I am sadly not being paid to review’ dept., King City is exactly as good as I was hoping it would be, and possibly moreso. It’s totally worth running out and picking up. I got asked 5 or 6 times if it was any good this week at work, and now that I’ve read it I can answer with an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’. Maybe if I finish the reviews I’m working on, I’ll do one of this too.

– Christopher

4 thoughts on “Reviews: A brief insight.”

  1. Hey Chris, could you include creator/publisher info, or at least a link, when you recommend a title like that? It took me a bit of google-fu to figure out what the heck “King City” was, though now I’m excited about it. When these posts come up on my RSS reader, I don’t have the context of your earlier entry talking about it, and even in there it’s easy for one title to get lost in the shuffle.

    Thanks for the rec, though!

  2. Chris, I picked up King City based on your preview last week. I never would have known about it otherwise. One of the most fun, refreshing comics I’ve read in a while. Definitely in league with Scott Pilgrim and Street Angel. Thanks for pointing this book out and all the other ones you highlight each week.

  3. Leigh: Good point, thanks. I try and keep that in all of the meaningful posts, but I guess every one is somebody’s first. Sounds good.

    Rich- Glad you dug it man! I was so totally pleased with it, one of the best Tokyopop OEL I’ve read.

    – Christopher

  4. Brandon Graham is such a master. You know, I haven’t even been able to find a copy of King City yet (which I take as a good sign as most stores I’ve checked did indeed order copies but have just sold out), but I have read most of it and it is probably the best book Tokyopop has put out.

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