A Great Spinner Rack, or The Greatest Spinner Rack?

greatspinnerrack.jpgAs part of a little mini photo shoot for the site’s new header (didn’t notice it had changed, didja?) I thought I’d take a picture of my favourite fixture in the store: The Indie Comics Spinner Rack. Although there’s nothing particularly independent about the Ignatz international publishing initiative, I think you take my meaning. 

When it came in, I knew this is what I wanted it for. A chance to display the new wave of books without a spine, or with thinner spines, or that just deserved some ‘face time’. We’ve loaded it with just tons of great material, both high-profile (Optic Nerve issues) and ultra-small-press (those Commune and Dolltopia comics are both great), making it a fun thing to browse, and juxtaposing books that might not normally get thought of as appealing to the same audience.

I thought you might enjoy the picture. It’s no substitute for visiting the store in person of course… Now, back to work!

– Christopher

Ignatz, Optic Nerve, Commune, Dolltopia.

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