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image04.jpgJust a quick note that Michel Rabagliati got a very nice interview in The National Post today, in advance of his appearance in Toronto this weekend:

It must be cathartic, however, for Rabagliati to tackle some of the issues he does: For instance, Paul Goes Fishing follows Paul and his partner, Lucie, as they try to start a family. The book deals with the multiple miscarriages they faced, but Rabagliati says his partner was OK with him discussing such matters in a public forum.

“It was tough,” he says. “When you start drawing it, and you start drawing the blood … it really puts you back in this particular context. It’s pretty sad sometimes. I must confess, sometimes I get a little bit depressed or I cry a bit when I [draw] that.

“I like drawing these stories about real life. [But] that’s the problem with it: I have to deal with that.”


I heard the event got a nice little mention in Xtra Magazine here in Toronto as well ( but it’s not online, so you’ll have to go out and pick up a copy if you’re in the Toronto area. Thanks for putting up with my constant pimping of this event by the by, I’m quite excited about it and the books are among my favourites published by D&Q.
– Christopher


Art from Top: Paul in the Metro, French edition cover for Paul Goes Fishing, a musical panel from Paul Moves Out, and a moment of regret from Paul Moves Out. He looks so cute in his Y-Fronts. 

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  1. As someone who has experienced the trauma of miscarriage, I felt that Rabagliati did a wonderful, sensitive job of depicting the emotional pain as well as the physically wrenching horror of it. I’ve had two children since then (the elder is now 25), but the emotional pain of the miscarriage never truly goes away. I love Paul Goes Fishing, and all of Rabagliati’s work, for the emotional honesty.

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