Reviewing Comics With Comics – Mark Siegel on Scott Pilgrim


The webcomic Unshelved is about life working in a library. It’s a huge hit online and in the library market, though relatively unknown in comic book stores. Well they’ve got this neat little feature called Unshelved Book Club (I believe it runs every Sunday), where they invite cartoonists to contribute guest comic strips in the form of book recommendations. Kind of like a book club!

The newest entry into the series? First Second Editor In Chief Mark Siegel recommends the hell out of Scott Pilgrim

I’m friends (or at least friendly) with all of the people involved in this strip, which makes the whole thing just that much more amazing… and from what I remember I think Gina told me that at least the first part of this strip Actually Happened. Hehe.

 Go check it out, it’s pretty darned neat. And browse the archives while you’re there.

– Chris

2 thoughts on “Reviewing Comics With Comics – Mark Siegel on Scott Pilgrim”

  1. If you can, see these cartoonists live! They do a great panel, and like Dilbert, many of their funniest stories come from librarians (bacon bookmark…true story).

    You don’t need to know much library science to enjoy the strip. Their website is pretty cool, too, especially the “pimp my library cart” contests!

  2. Their books that collect one year’s worth of strips in each volume are available through Diamond.

    The Sunday Book Club strips often feature graphic novels.

    I’ve been a faithful reader of Unshelved from their first year, and yes, Bill and Gene are very cool guys. I love it when they get guest artists to do strips for them, too.

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