Are your times interesting enough yet?

Massive DC Corporate Restructuring.

Here’s the first three things that came to mind:

1. I always wondered when Warner Brothers would figure out that they owned DC Comics. Turns out? September 9th, 2009.

2. You know, at other massive corporations when beloved ┬ásenior staff are informed that their services are no longer required, they get a golden parachutte. At DC, there’s no money but at least they let you write Legion again!

3. Good luck to all involved, I imagine the next few weeks are gonna be weird.

– Christopher

9 thoughts on “Are your times interesting enough yet?”

  1. Now that both major companies are explicitly movie & licensing companies, I wonder if that doesn’t just reinforce the “creative & experimental goes to the web, not to the DM” vibe from your Cynical Orange post.

  2. Yeah you were a day or two ahead on this one. Diamond is a funnel for Marvel and DC. If Marvel and DC are now truly Disney and WB, what need do they have of Diamond. Hold onto your price gun, it’s likely going to be another bumpy time.

    (so glad we’re going webcomic route)

  3. I laughed pretty hard at point 1, but I have to ask, is there any actual proof that Levitz didn’t get a truckload o’ money upon his resignation? That’s ignoring the question of whether he was, in fact, as you imply, asked to leave, rather than simply thinking this was an ideal time to bail.

  4. You summed up exactly what I’ve felt. Point 1 is something my friend and I have talked about over and over. We both felt there was going to be a day when Warner realized it had this division with huge IPs and embarrassing revenue.

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