Did you cover The Beguiling’s Scott Pilgrim Midnight launch party?

How I Spent My Monday Night: Chatting with hundreds of people at the Scott Pilgrim Costume Contest. Photo by Alex Davies from http://www.rgbfilter.com/?p=6631

So about 8 hours after I got home from the Scott Pilgrim event, I hopped in a cab and headed to the airport to hit the San Diego Comic Con. It was fun times! But then so was the big event, but because of the timing and rush of it all, I didn’t get to really read any of the event coverage, or thank the fine folks who covered it or mentioned it or had a great time. While Google is turning stuff up, I’d hate to miss anything, so if you covered or attended the Scott Pilgrim v6 Midnight Launch at The Beguiling and wrote about it online, please drop a link to the coverage in the comments section here! I’d really appreciate it.

All the best,

– Christopher Butcher

6 thoughts on “Did you cover The Beguiling’s Scott Pilgrim Midnight launch party?”

  1. Oh my god, Chris. This is nuts. Your verbal description was pretty good, but this photo really puts it into perspective.

    *mind blown*

    In other news, thanks for hosting me on my tour, even though I didn’t require crowd control and a bullhorn. I had a great time and look forward to visiting you, The Beguiling, and Toronto again.

  2. I was going to send you Chris R’s writeup for us, but he beat me to it! Thanks, Chris!

    And while I’m at it, nice seeing you at the San Diego SP party if only for a second. Hope we can catch up like real humans at some point.

    – KP

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