Drew Weing’s Set To Sea Art For Sale…!

Drew Weing first came to my attention as an Autobiographical Cartoonist documenting his education in Savannah College of Art’s Comics Program, and I really loved those strips! Over the years he’s produced a number of wonderful webcomics, minis, and short pieces (mostly available at his website), and August saw his first full-length graphic novel SET TO SEA released by Fantagraphics. It’s a great read and a gorgeously illustrated book, I definitely recommend it.

Mr. Weing announced today that he is, in fact, selling off original artwork from the graphic novel, and considering how lovely it is (and that each pages is a 4.5″ x 5″ single panel, suitable for framing) I imagine the majority of the art for this book will be scooped up by fans and collectors imminently–I know I want more than a couple of them.

Check out the sale ($145 a page!!!) at http://www.drewweing.com/littlehouse/original-art/

– Christopher

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