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A thing I think is important is that we have a vital, healthy series of expos/festivals/conventions to promote and support comics creators, particularly people doing art or alt comics, particularly people doing good work. It’s why I run TCAF.

I put a question to Twitter today, with the aims of improving those shows, thereby improving things for everyone. The question was:

“So, let’s say you are a comic (book/web/novel) creator, and you do small shows (Stump/Spx/Mocca/TCAF/local cons). Let’s say. Let’s say that tomorrow, the point of those shows went from whatever they currently are, to “let’s make comics creators a lot of money.” So instead of fundraising, enriching the artform, etc., it was just “exhibitors at our show need to make $$$”. What changes would need to happen? If you are a creator, what behaviours by shows do you feel are costing you money? Answer freely, it won’t affect exhibiting at my show.”

So far I’ve gotten I think a few hundred responses. They’re all interesting, and I’ve been careful not to disagree with any of it because I think the question, and the discussion, and having it in public, is important. Very important. I’m pretty happy.

To see what people are saying, you can search Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/comics212. If you’ve got suggestions feel free to jump in!

Unfortunately (heh) I’ve hit some sort of maximum-tweet limit, and I’m locked out for a few hours. I’ll follow-up on Twitter and here a little later.

– Chris

3 thoughts on “Harder Better Faster Stronger”

  1. Thought I’d comment here as I am not a twitter user.

    One thing I thought shows could improve on is to provide, or at least provide access to, knowledgable and professional sales people to help out at creators tables when they need a break or are at a panel, or even if the creator just wants the help.

    While this could be expensive, paying on commission would solve most of this problem. Trust is another issue, which is not easily solved (how to track sales in order to pay the commission would be difficult).

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