No.5 by Taiyo Matsumoto – Complete in English for iPad

“It was going to be an adventure action story starring attractive superheroes. But that is when 9-11 and the war broke out, and that made me think about violence and justice. The story changed…”
– Taiyo Matsumoto, on the genesis of No. 5, from the app-exclusive interview

Read my interview with Taiyo Matsumoto

Get the iPad app for No. 5 complete (bilingual English/Japanese)

Thank you to Deb Aoki and M.K. for the wonderful opportunity.

– Christopher

7 thoughts on “No.5 by Taiyo Matsumoto – Complete in English for iPad”

  1. Damn , only for iPad eh?

    Love this guys work , this series was never fully printed in english was it ? I think I have just two volumes in english. He’s def channeling his Moebius influences in this series. Brilliant stuff.

  2. I was really excited to hear about this, but am majorly disappointed by the ugly typography. This isn’t from a major publisher/company, is it? Because I would love to buy (some) manga this way but NOT if the pages look like that!

  3. How frustrating that it is only available for the iPad. So close yet so far away! Hopefully this limited availability is remedied soon – I would love to give them my money for this book!

  4. Ryan – The typography is poor, yes. It’s lettered in Comic Sans. I own all of the Japanese (and a bunch of the French) editions, so it wasn’t quite as upsetting as it might otherwise be.

  5. Has anyone read or found the 7th and 8th volumes? i’ve read sites that said there were released and other sites don’t have any information on them. I own the first 6, but cant seems to come across these final 2.

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