Where’s Chris at San Diego Comic-Con 2012?

Hey folks! I’m headed off to “Comic-Con International: San Diego” this week, in what looks to be my busiest trip ever. I just thought I’d post real quick to let folks know where I’m going to be if they want to check out what are sure to be some great panels. ūüôā


UDON: Booth #5037:¬†I’m going to be headquartered at The UDON Booth this year Weds thru Sat, all the way on the east side near Hall H, booth #5037. We’re debuting artbooks based on the video games Marvel vs. Capcom, Disgaea, and Shining Force Feather, and they’re all totally gorgeous-looking. Plus non-stop creator signings, a huge catalogue of material, and much more. Should be lots of fun!

Drawn & Quarterly ¬†(Beguiling): Booth #1629: On Sunday I’m headed over to the other side of the convention centre to sell some jaw-droppingly great original art! The fine folks at D&Q are once again providing us with a little corner to sell originals, and we’re going to make the most of it with a ton of great stuff. We’ve got all new pieces by Farel Dalrymple, Jason, Shintaro Kago, Pascal Girard, and maybe even a few surprises too…! Brings back memories, being in the D&Q booth. ūüôā


I’m actually doing a lot of panels this year! Hosting 2, on 3. I think it’s actually gonna be a bunch of fun, but I gotta make sure to buckle down and get all my work done because there are some VERY heavy hitters on these things! Here’s the quick run-down, and the full panel descriptions are under the cut:

Friday: 4:30-5:30: UDON 2012: Some major new announcements on this, I’m actually a bit nervous. ūüôā (Moderator)¬†Room 26AB

Friday: 7:30-8:30: Making a Living in Manga: I’ll be sharing the results of some of the interviews I conducted with manga creators and editors in Japan! (Participant)¬†Room 8

Saturday: 12:30-1:30: D&Q: Canada and Comics: Discussing the current renaissance of Canadian comics. Kate Beaton, Jeff Lemire! (Moderator) Room 5AB

Saturday: 6:00-7:00: Best and Worst Manga of 2012: Reprising my role from last year. I’ve read SO MUCH manga in the past 2 weeks. (Participant)¬†Room 23ABC

Sunday: 3:00-4:00: PW Comics World: Serious Pictures: Comics and Journalism in a New Era: Mostly I’m here as a retailer/pundit, talking about the place of comics reportage in the industry. Should be very cool. (Participant)¬†Room 32AB

Other Stuff:

I heard there might be a very cool announcement at the Gays in Comics 25th Anniversary Panel Saturday night, so I want to try to hit that one for sure. Otherwise, I’m hoping to get out and see a few panels, snap a few photos, and generally just enjoy myself. I hope if you’re going, you get to do the same! See you there!

– Chris


4:30-5:30¬†UDON 2012‚ÄĒ¬†Catch up on the latest releases and get the scoop on upcoming projects from the UDON crew, including comic and art book announcements you won’t want to miss! Included will be sneak peek artwork, insight into the recruiting process for new artists, and a chance to win some of the company’s hottest new books. Moderated by¬†Chris Butcher¬†(Toronto Comic Arts Festival, UDON’s director of marketing), with participants¬†Erik Ko¬†(UDON CEO),¬†Jim Zubkavich(project manager),¬†Matt Moylan¬†(managing editor), and UDON artists¬†Joe Ng¬†(Street Fighter IV) and¬†Omar Dogan¬†(Street Fighter Legends).¬†Room¬†26AB

7:30-8:30¬†Making a Living in Manga‚ÄĒ¬†Now that Japanese comics have been available in English for over 30 years, several generations of artists inspired by manga are trying to live the¬†Bakuman¬†dream of being full-time comics creators. But in the superhero-centric North American comics market, are they fighting the odds? Comics creators¬†Adam Warren¬†(Empowered),¬†Becky Cloonan¬†(Demo,¬†Conan the Barbarian),¬†Fred Gallagher¬†(Megatokyo), and¬†Audra Furuichi¬†(Nemu-Nemu), along with industry pros¬†Christopher Butcher¬†(blogger, Comics212.net; director, Toronto Comic Arts Festival),¬†JuYoun Lee¬†(senior editor, Yen Press),¬†Erik Ko¬†(editor-in-chief, UDON Entertainment), and moderator¬†Deb Aoki¬†(Manga editor, About.com), explain the ins and outs and ups and downs of making a living as a manga creator in North America.Room¬†8


12:30-1:30¬†D+Q: Canada and Comics‚ÄĒ¬†Creators¬†Kate Beaton,¬†Jeff Lemire,¬†Doug Savage,¬†Eisner Spirit of Retailers Award¬†judge¬†Calum Johnston¬†(of Strange Adventures),¬†Jessica Campbell¬†of Drawn & Quarterly, and moderator¬†Chris Butcher¬†of TCAF and The Beguiling gather to talk about how, over the past 10 years, the Canadian comics scene has changed wildly and no longer plays second fiddle to its southern neighbor. Canada now boasts an equally vibrant coast-to-coast scene with major artists, major companies, major retailers, and major festivals. Key players discuss how this change came about.¬†Room¬†5AB

6:00-7:00¬†Best and Worst Manga of 2012‚ÄĒ¬†Go to any book or comics shop and you’ll find a ton of comics from Japan in English. But what’s worth reading and what’s not? An all-star cast of comics critics, retailers, experts, and editors assemble to rant and rave about the year’s best manga. Find out what¬†Brigid Alverson¬†(Mangablog,MTV Geek, Publishers Weekly),¬†Christopher Butcher¬†(blogger at Comics212.net, comics and manga retailer, The Beguiling),¬†Carlo Santos¬†(Anime News Network manga reviewer,¬†Right Turn Only),¬†Shaenon Garrity¬†(Narbonic, freelance manga editor), andDeb Aoki¬†(manga editor, About.com) have to say about the best new and continuing titles for kids, teens, and grown-ups. See panelists get super-excited about the best upcoming releases, and see them groan about the year’s most despicable wastes of their reading time.¬†Room¬†23ABC


3:00-4:00¬†Publishers Weekly¬†Comics World: Serious Pictures: Comics and Journalism in a New Era‚ÄĒ¬†What better way to bring information to the public than the judicious combination of words and pictures? Comics offer the ability to attract attention and focus it, while making a complex journalistic narrative both lively to read and, as studies have shown, easier for readers to comprehend. This panel offers historical and contemporary examples of the use of comics as a journalistic tool and shows how the wedding of comics and nonfiction reporting is a match made in media heaven. With¬†Susie Cagle,¬†Andy Warner¬†(Cartoon Picayune),¬†Stan Mack¬†(Taxes, the Tea Party, and Those Revolting Rebels: A History in Comics of the American Revolution),¬†Jen Sorenson¬†(Slowpoke),¬†Ed Piskor¬†(WizzyWig),¬†Dan Carino¬†(Cartoon Movement), and¬†Chris Butcher¬†(The Beguiling.) Moderated by¬†PW¬†Comics World co-editor¬†Calvin Reid.Room¬†32AB

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