TCAF to exhibit in Japan, November 18th

So if you follow my online happenings more deeply than just this blog, you might have heard that a thing that I’m helping to make happen is TCAF’s first international exhibition on November 18th. What this means is that TCAF as a festival is going to go and exhibit at a comics event in Japan, in furtherance of its mandate to promote Canadian cartoonists and graphic novels. We’re inviting a bunch of Canadian cartoonists to come with us as well. I go more in-depth about the event and what we’re planning here:

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a note here on my blog in case any Canadian TCAF Exhibitors didn’t get our e-mail or otherwise missed the news, and really just to let people know that we’re doing that I think is a cool thing. Maybe it will inspire all y’all to keep doing cool things too?


– Chris

One thought on “TCAF to exhibit in Japan, November 18th”

  1. Congrats! So TCAF will invade(?) Kaigai Manga Festa! Heeheehee.
    I am Japanese who lives in Toronto and a big fan of TCAF. So I am so thrilled! I usually go back to Japan in Nov., but I don’t know this year due to the processing time of my PR card! 🙁
    btw, there are some blog-manga, I would like to introduce you.
    ‘Jittering love’ (We are gay and almost wife & husband)
    (Originally from
    ‘I can’t choose my gender! ‘
    (Originally from
    Please check them out if you are interested in (Well, they are in Japanese though…). Perhaps you may already know them.

    Good luck for TCAF to exhibit in Japan! It must be great!
    And of course, Ramen and beer! Ahhh, the combination of Japan and TCAF? I’m driveling!

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